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Back in 2013, the doge became an iconic part of the internet during the infamous “Cats vs Dogs” meme war, where it was famous for it’s short phrasing and comic Sans text. Savvy marketers in Stockholm, Sweden have been fully aware of the presence in which the Doge has within the internet and launched a campaign at the connected generation of today. The campaign for an unlimited summer ticket for their rail system with a most handsome boy as their feature.

Sweden experienced early access to personal computers and the internet as an early age due to tax breaks and government incentives from the then publicly owned telecom company Telia. Due to their ease of access to the internet, Sweden has always been ahead of the curve with connectivity to the world, gaming prowess, and has witnessed and harnessed the strong meme culture since it’s inception.

Sadly this campaign did not at the time accept Dogecoin as a means of payment, but with Japan’s railway now looking into having crypto as a means of payment as of march 2019, it won’t be long until other companies will begin following suite across the globe.

Multiple levels of wow

Widespread consumer accessibility and use of cryptocurrencies is currently acting as a hindrance to the adoption of crypto as a payment method, with the Dogecoin having no exception to this.

The Doge was named 2013’s most recognisable meme, with Dogecoin adopting the handsome shibe as their main logo and name.