Voyager has now listed Dogecoin as a new trading partner. August 19th welcomed the trading opportunities, with Voyager being one of the “Mobile first” trading platforms available.

Mobile trading has steadily been on the rise, primarily to the easy of use, and the slick interfaces that are provided. Voyager is steadily on the rise due to the No-Fee crypto trading option they have introduced. By doing so, they are hoping to compete with the likes of Robinhood, who has had Dogecoin listed since 2018!

Oscar Salazar knows more than just ride-sharing

Voyager has some unique Tech entrepreneurs behind this trading market, as it is backed by early Uber co-founder and includes their former head of technology and architect Oscar Salazar.

Voyager is still in its early infancy stages yet, with a full release to the public planned to be released by the end of October.

Purchasing Dogecoin from exchanges can be a tricky task, with many requiring minimum deposits, or not even listing Dogecoin directly at all. Thus you would be required to purchase one of the other leading cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, litecoin, etc) in order to trade for Dogecoin.

Once purchased, many exchanges offer a form of online wallet, also known as a “hot wallet” to store your Dogecoin, ready to trade at a moments notice. To learn more about wallets and how they function, check out our article here.