In recent months, Dogecoin has seen an increase of popularity, and with those changes and the constant stream of news that is coming out on a daily basis, a fluctuating value.

Dogecoin has been known since it’s foundation as a low cost, fast coin to use and has had a generous community behind it, often using it as a tipping currency for fledgling artists, or rewards for content. Dogecoin has also rallied behind charities, and most famously sponsored a Nascar team.

Source: Coinmarketcap

With crypto now starting to become somewhat of a household name as well as “Blockchain”, people are looking for low barriers of entry to the market, but also to become a fabled crypto millionaire like many of the early adoptors of bitcoin. With the hype of Bitcoin still cooling after reaching over $20k per coin, many are still bullish to the value of crypto and feel that it will gain tremendous growth over time, hence news of changes within the crypto space has new (and old) consumers looking to join the trend.

Dogecoin offers a low price point to purchase in crypto, and can be traded with popular trading pairs such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, with many exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance offering Dogecoin as a new option.

One thing that is clear is that the Dogecoin community is against the “pump and dump” strategies used to make the prices of crypto fluctuate so drastically, and promote a fun an entertaining take on a currency trading option of the future to challenge the large banking organisations of the world.