DigiFinex has dropped Dogecoin into the mix of their cryptos with pairings against USD and ETH. They are based out of Singapore, and provide a large amount of access and support to the Asia markets. Digifinex tweeted out their release, with a large fanfair of new trades of Dogecoin being quickly undertaken.

Crypto is big business in Asia, with several countries scrambling to become the next Crypto hub and provide services for an ever growing market.
Japan is considered as one of the market leaders in Crypto, famously having a japanese name of Satoshi Nakamoto as the creator of Bitcoin.

China is a large adopter of the currencies, but have had some backlash from the government in recent times. The Philippines and other smaller nations such as Vietnam are increasingly exploring options of how crypto can be used within their daily lives. With Dogecoin having a low pricepoint, it is a much lower barrier to entry than it’s other counterparts on the market.