Trustwallet is a wallet favored by many crypto firms and was one of the first Crypto wallets to take a mobile first approach. They recently have been gaining additional traction
recently with their acquisition by Binance.

It comes as no surprise that Binance is looking to strengthen their market position from the worlds 2nd largest cryptocurrency exchange, with trading volumes of Dogecoin being consistantly one of the highest of all cryptocurrency. Trustwallet and Binance reached out to the community to vote on their next additional to to their expansive portfolio.

After narrowly missing out on the 1st prize during the #BattleoftheBlockchains, Trustwallet has rewarded the doge community for being such a good boy and have added Dogecoin to their wallet.

Wallets are the main locations where Crypto currency is stored, and having easy access to your currency makes the ease of transactions on a crypto exchange that much easier.