Huobi Marketplace is now offering 1 free Dogecoin for people that sign up and verify their account.

Huobi will take that one step further and provide a donation of 1000 Doge to The Grateful Dogs Rescue foundation to help the promote the adoption of rescue dogs in the San Fransisco bay area, where Huobi is based.

Dogecoin is no stranger being used in charitable actions, with the Dogecoin team raising over $25,000 for the Jamaican bobsled team to let them attend the winter Olympics in 2014. Dogecoin regularly invests in yearly Dogecoin SocksForTheHomeless drive.

Huobi Marketplace is now offering DogeCoin on its digital trading platform. Not only can you deposit, withdraw, and trade DogeCoin there, but it also supports additional trading pairs to other popular cryptocurrency such as BitCoin or Ethereum.

The introduction of Dogecoin in more mainstream, multi-currency wallet shows promise for the coin being adopted for the regular user, as well as crypto being adopted as a viable means of purchasing goods and services.